Welcome to MILE School, the bilingual school of Milan

A Bilingual School where Italian tradition combines with innovative international study courses.

Where students experience a unique multicultural environment.

Mother tongue English teachers and Italian teachers transmit their passion for knowledge by sharing their educational values and paying attention to each individual child.

Cocinando con la Séptima – The first recipe book made by the students

The Seventh Grade Students MILE School Middle have worked diligently to share their favorite recipes with us. After learning how…
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S-MILE, MILE School’s Magazine arrived

In May, MILE School Middle, Grade 6 has focused on informative texts, in other words journalistic texts. In fact, following the…
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Gherardo Colombo meets MILE School Middle

On Monday, May 8th, Dr. Gherardo Colombo met MILE School Middle students. Dr. Colombo is known for his frequent meetings…
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iBook “The kiss”

Students of Grade 7 have successfully completed the creative writing lab that led them to publish a mini collection of…
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