The bilingual school for infants.

mile_kidsThrough the presence of a bilingual teacher for each class, in a bilingual environment, the school promotes activities relating to “doing”, to discovering, knowledge and socialising. These classes respect the individual learning styles of the children and take into account the family and social back-ground of each child. The child learns about nature and its rhythmical cycles, which are functional to the child’s wellbeing and development. At MILE School’s Kindergarten, much importance is given to the children’s ability to express themselves and to developing their creativity and imagination. The experiences, the materials, and the projects proposed favour the use of natural or recycled materials, which are considered an inexhaustible source of invention.

The English approach uses the phonics method channelled through activities that are playful and captivate the child’s interest. Every day, the English mother tongue teacher assists the Italian teacher by exposing the children to the two languages in a natural way, as it occurs inside bilingual families. This process allows the sounds of both languages to enrich the child’s lexicon. The teachers’ different approaches guarantee the respect of multicultural identities through the celebration of festivities tied to the child’s culture of origin.

There are three classes for 3 year-olds, 4 year-olds, and 5 year-olds, Reception, which differ not just in the activities that are carried out but also in the amount of time dedicated to English teaching. The classes of 3 and 4 year-olds are taught half in Italian and half in English while the class for 5 year-olds is taught in English 70% of the time and the remaining 30% in Italian. Also, the classes for 5 year-olds aim to develop the child’s fine motor skills, spontaneous reading and writing, pre-writing skills, and Maths with the goal of reaching the prerequisites for primary school.

Weekly Music lessons and Art lab lessons by the Munari Association complete the curricular activities. The school also has a garden for outdoor games.

Starting from School Year 2017-2018 MILE KIDS has launched coding laboratories for 4 and 5 year-olds. The laboratory is taught by a professional ICT teacher, who also teaches at our primary school.
MILE Kids Coding Lab is a chance to provide children with the opportunity to apply cognitive reasoning and logical abstractions.During these activities, extensive use of concepts such as storytelling, problem-solving and algorithmic thinking are used.All activities will include a moment of description/storytelling, and a moment in which the children will actively seek solutions to the challenges faced.

The canteen is inside the school and uses mostly biological food products. The food served at MILE’s Kindergarten respects the legal Health requirements dictated by the HACCP (Italian Food Preparation Regulations) normative, and it is possible to order specific menus in cases of food intolerance or allergies, dietary needs or diets dictated by ethical or religious beliefs.

MILE School’s Kindergarten is open from Monday to Friday
from 8.00 AM (flexible entry till 9.30 AM) to 4.00 PM and till 6.30 PM to satisfy the needs of families.
The kids are expected to wear the school uniform.