Acquiring Competencies and Developing Awareness.

MILE School, Milan’s bilingual school, is a dynamic school that offers a bilingual teaching model managed by expert teaching professionals and by teaching staff, who are passionate about their job.
Students are welcomed inside an intercultural environment that alternates according to need traditional lessons with interactive teaching. They enjoy the reconverted spaces that allow them to learn in an innovative and passionate way through cooperative learning, co-teaching, and robotics. MILE School, recognising that each child is unique, aims to discover the talent and the passion of all its students.

The course of study lasts 8 years to guarantee students acquire the following competencies:

  • ability to communicate in Italian and English
  • competencies in science, technology, and maths
  • digital competencies
  • learning competencies (“learn to learn”)
  • social e civic competencies
  • sense of initiative and ability to test oneself (“risk taker”)
  • intercultural approach

All subjects are taught in Italian and English. The courses are integrated with learning activities of various labs and sports activities both inside the school and at a dedicated sports centre.
The students who will follow the entire bilingual course of study will be able to choose, ac-cording to their academic ambitions, any school: be it a traditional Italian High school or one of the more interesting and innovative international school courses on offer.

MILE School Middle

The teaching at MILE School Middle aims to make students aware of their individual learning path (“they learn to learn”), to develop their curiosity and the competencies functional to their future academic path. During the 3 years in MILE School Middle, that correspond to secondary school, beyond learning the traditional subjects, students are also taught how to develop team-working and leadership skills. In short, MILE School Middle students will acquire an international perspective by socialising with classmates from other countries and through the Global Classroom’s Study and the Academy. This perspective along with the acquisition of language skills will pave the way for them becoming individuals in the current global environment.

MILE School Middle lessons are Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 4.00 PM
The canteen service is entrusted to a catering company that serves food following the HACCP (Italian Food Preparation Regulations) normative and it is possible to ask for special menus in case of food intolerance or allergies or ethical or religious dietary needs.
A School bus service is available.

The MILE School Middle students are required to wear school uniform.