Passion for education.

MILE Bilingual School follows an intercultural program. It is a school that uses Italian and Anglo-Saxon teaching methodologies, respecting fully both teaching practices.

MILE School also promotes the knowledge of other cultures while giving equal value to its Italian traditions. It encourages the exchange of ideas and close collaboration between two teaching teams whose main goal is to use both Italian and English as equal means of learning and communicating.

MILE School offers its students the possibility of experiencing learning in a multidisciplinary setting. It also gives them numerous practical hands-on opportunities in which they can develop problem solving skills and teamwork.

At MILE School all subjects are taught in both languages, with teachers taking equal responsibility for the Italian and English curriculums. This approach increases the possibility for students to develop a critical mind and strengthen further their ability to think, work and communicate effectively in two languages. All of these elements represent what we believe is the essence of bilingualism.

MILE School teaches its students the necessary skills to become independent and responsible learners.

MILE School also considers music a universal language; therefore, this subject is taught so that students can read it and write it.

MILE School believes in the importance of the arts, and this is why art and drama classes are enriched with special projects and school outings throughout the year.

MILE School considers physical activities essential to the well-being of its students. All students engage in physical education on school premises and also attend a Sports Center on a weekly basis.

Another of MILE School’s main objectives is to help families discover and value their children’s talents and skills.

MILE School considers diversity as an additional asset to the whole school life; therefore, it supports individualized learning to address the specific needs of every single student.