Bilingual teaching as a natural approach to imparting knowledge.

mile_kidsEvery day, at MILE Kids Nursery, in a comfortable and safe environment, discoveries and experiences are shared with babies aged between 12 and 36 months.

MILE Kids Nursery is a place that pays attention to the wellbeing of each child, a place that guarantees that all children are given the opportunity to develop their learning, relationship, and social potential.

Through the aid of songs, fairytales and nursery rhymes children discover the world and environment changing around them, guiding them to pay close attention to seasonal cycles and the elements that typify these.

Grapes, leaves, chestnuts, pumpkins, snow, rain, flowers, and wind are the source of thrilling experiences and discoveries. Nature and the seasons become an integral part of all school activities. These themes give the children a sense of familiarity and order.
Games, chants and rhymes invite the children to their routine: time to play, to eat, to dance, to rest, and to welcome Mum and Dad at the end of the school day.

The Educational plan in  MILE Kids Nursery is based on a bilingual teaching program.

At Nursery level, all children become acquainted to the sounds of the English language through a natural teaching approach. Daily activities gradually introduce the ‘world’ through spoken English. Sensorial, creative and hands-on experiences are essential to make English comprehensible to all children. English mother tongue teachers plan and share learning objectives with their Italian counterparts. The goal of this approach is to introduce the children to English phonics in a natural manner and give them the language basics.The designs of the wooden furniture and toys, as well as their colours, have been created to ensure the children’s safety while stimulating natural learning. Care and attention are given to the developmental and individual needs of all children while encouraging their sense of independence and self-esteem.

The MILE Kids Nursery has its own catering service. All cooking is done on site and using biological products. All food preparation follows the HACCP guidelines. If there is a need to cater to particular dietary needs because of allergies, and/or food intolerance, or for religious or ethical reasons, special meals will be made available.

MILE Kids Nursery adopts KinderTap, the new logbook system for nursery schools and kindergartens, which aims to facilitate daily communications between educational staff and student families.

The MILE Kids Nursery is open from 7.45 AM till 6.30 PM to satisfy the needs of families.
Classroom activities take place from 9.30 AM till 4.30 PM
It is also possible to attend part time, in which case classes end at 12.45 PM after lunch.