An expert, international, and experienced teaching body, whose aim is to deliver quality.

MILE School’s Staff is highly qualified; teachers are specialised in their subjects and with international as well as domestic teaching experience.
The Staff works together as a team to give the students a positive environment, which is caring but forceful, and is kept up to date thanks to continuous training.

What is expected from students academically is clear, but the emphasis is given to the enthusiasm and motivation aimed at ensuring their success throughout their years at the school.
Students benefit from having specialist teachers in all subjects including those for physical education, Music, and Art.

During the year, the school organises numerous day trips and cultural outings related to the main study courses. Included in these outings are visits to Art galleries, plays, and museums, which widen the learning experience and the range of learning activities. The school also organises days where specialists are invited to share their knowledge with students, enriching the latter’s school experience.