Be inspired by museum education.

Interactive scenes in MILE Middle School

A teaching activity of great interest: ” Interactive speaking scenes ” in the classroom.

Chosen topic: The second industrial revolution .

This activity was inspired by “Museum Education”“Museum education is the most advanced learning system – teaching. It uses all available means of dissemination, in the presence, remote and mobile, analog and digital, online and offline, all known technologies, traditional and multimedial, and is able to work simultaneously on multiple cognitive levels and levels of learning”. (Alberto Pian, Teaching narrative scenes with spoken scenes) .

The project

This work was carried out by the students of grade 8. It consists of two scenes. The scenes are formed by modelling and recycled materials. Obviously each element required a creative work of adaptation and “transformation”.

Each scene is a theme of the Second Industrial Revolution: the urban environment and the industrial environment

The purpose of a spoken scene is to symbolically “represent” the context, not “rebuild” (like dioramas). Under the educational profile the talking stage does not represent the conclusion of a “project.” The construction of spoken scenes is part of an occasional educational process. You learn by”doing” and reflecting on what you produce.

The education in the museum  provides a communication work around objects and the topics covered. With the support of a technology teacher Alberto Pian, the students of Grade 8  have created brochures, signs, web sites with Adobe Slate, movies with the Green Screen technique, slides in Keynote, movies in Adobe Voice.

It is  important to know that this type of teaching involves the solution of many practical and cognitive problems.

Learning does not take place through a “traditional lesson”, but it builds a learning object. With this active “method”, what is produced becomes the subject of further study.