Students discovers Biolab e Paleolab

Grade 6 at Natural History Museum of Milan

Grade 6 MILE School students recently went on a school trip to Biolab and Paleolab, two dedicated workshops at the Natural History Museum of Milan.

Accompanied by Prof. Alberton and Prof. Radaelli the students were able to conduct some experiments on the weather and on the phenomena of crystals and which integrated what has already been covered in their textbooks.

Thanks to some exhibits, students were able to understand, for example, the composition of the air we breathe and how the elements vary (and how they can be measured) due to, for example, environmental pollution.

Following on from the formation of the rain and clouds we concluded the first part of the morning with a very “electrifying” topic…. thanks to a computer and to a particular machine we simulated what happens during a storm, exploring how all the components interact.

The visit to the Paleolab was important to better understand the minerals that the planet on which we rest our feet is made of!!!

Hence the children were divided into teams and through the use of specific tools such as microscopes, scales, and wood lamp, but also through intuition and reasoning the students faced the challenge to collect evidence related to the shape, density, hardness and fluorescence/phosphorescence of some minerals.

As a reward, each winning team member received a small quartz specimen representing a peculiarity of that crystal. After receiving compliments from the staff of the two laboratories for the students ‘ attention and participation in both workshops, but also (and especially) for the polite attitude held throughout the morning, what better way was there than to take advantage of the beautiful sunny day with a picnic and play in the park?

It was a very busy day for the students, but which also highlighted good qualities of this class….. worthy representatives of the ideals that our school believes in and hopes to teach all who attend MILE.