Grade 6 meets S.Gerardo hospital in Monza

A party as a sign of joy and friendship

Tuesday, June 7th  was a special day for MILE School Middle: the students of Grade 6 took part in the end of year party of the hospital school of ‘S. Gerardo Hospital in Monza, Centro Maria Letizia Verga, entirely devoted to the care of children and young people suffering from leukemia. The students of Grade 6 were invited to present  “The Circus of stories” project to patients in remission and to the hospital community, offered as a gift to the Foundation both as iBook free download from iTunes, and also as a hard copy.

On this occasion the students presented the stages of development of creative writing and the digital teaching project that gave birth to” The Circus of stories “. Thanks to this project and to ABIO Brianza, students in the first year of MILE School Middle came into contact with the drama of young leukemia patients, and had the opportunity to understand how painful it is for them not to be able to attend school during their long stay in hospital. During this meeting, the students of Grade 6  experienced the reality of the “school in hospital” and  the initiative was made possible by the contributions of teachers who work within the school and that help patients to continue the educational path even during illness and treatment, so that, once they have defeated the disease, can return peacefully to their joyful life as students.

In addition to the teacher in charge of the Italian language project, the MILE School Principal and Adriana Sorbellini, founder and CEO of MILE School  were also present. It was an unforgettable experience for them, which opened doors to a rich reality of humanity, passion and courage of people such as doctors, nurses and ABIO volunteers who are committed every day with a smile to defeat leukemia and give their young patients a hope for their future.

MILE School wishes to thank the Ghersina’s who offered the possibility to get in touch with ABIO Brianza and the Bottoli’s, who produced hard copies of the book.