Curiosity Tools: Music Technology at MILE Middle

Learn how music is produced and express yourself musically

The way of making music has changed radically in recent years. Thanks to technology, many technical barriers have been removed, in the sense that today it is possible to produce music in an extremely intuitive way, and the possibilities of expressing ideas have become numerous and much more accessible.

Often the idea of “not being brought” for music has been alive and it is a great obstacle to learning for children of this age, who at the same time show a certain familiarity and interest in new ways of approaching music, creating an opportunity to bring them closer to different educational experiences.
Curiosity Tools: Music Technology aims to show children how the music they listen to every day is produced, and to help them understand how to express themselves musically in an intuitive and funny way through the latest music technologies by linking these new skills and knowledge to the music program.
The course is especially designed to help children develop the following skills:
– Intuitively establishing a relationship between an idea and its musical and sound expression
– Explore the semantics of different types of sound
– Visualize the music through the interface of the software, both for the rhythmic part and for the melody, making a comparison with the traditional methods of writing music
– Understand and use rhythmic structures and learn a method for their writing
– Using technological tools for music composition
The course is structured in 8 meetings, lasting 1 hour each, and is curated by Tommaso Fumagalli and by the composer and producer Francesco Fugazza.