Every parent is special and specialist!

MILE School Grade 5 special project

Starting from February 2016 and until the end of May 2017, the project “Every parent is special and specialist!” will come to life.

The project consists in inviting, once a month, until the end of the school year of Grade 5, one parent of each student, who will tell the class his/her own specialty: a life experience which trained him/her, his/her job, his/her own cultural passion, social commitments, etc.

The objectives are different and varied:

#ease considerations on a parent’s role under different points of view;

#ease a mutual knowledge between parents and children;

#ease new contact modes for parents and children through educational-expressive activities;

#build a continuity of meanings between school and family;

#ease an exchange and participation in school life;

#ease an acquaintance and an exchange between parents;

#increase the parents’ skills;

#activate processes related to planning one’s own desires and confronting them with those of one’s own parents and those one’s of other parents;

#ease the awareness raising and the promotion of an active and supportive citizenship.

The meeting mode will be that of an interview.

Ms Eleonora Dell’Ovo, Grade 5 Italian teacher, will interview the parents for about twenty minutes. In this way the children will get to know the journalistic interview technique, to investigate reality. Following the interview the children will be able to make questions freely to the parent invited.

Voluntary applications will be welcome, if you think you have a specialty that the class still do not know about and that is linked to our school program.