MILE School Full English Summer City Camps

A full English College in Milan

By partnering with the ACLE Association, accredited by MIUR, from June 13 to July 1 MILE School will turn into a real full English city/summer camp! Students from Reception (5 years), MILE School Primary and Middle School will be followed by selected speakers and tutors trained by ACLE accordance with a specific training protocol ” dramatization”.

The teaching approach of the CITY CAMPS will aim to stimulate communication skills “oral comprehension “and” oral production “and to motivate the students to express themselves spontaneously in English. it is an educational project ” drama  “, which has at its base language and theatrical expression with a strong affective / emotional component.

8 hours a day of exposure to the English language characterized by a playful approach 100% only fun and games!

Initiative reserved to MILE School’s students only.