Gherardo Colombo meets MILE School Middle

Our pupils confront the issue of respect for common rules

On Monday, May 8th, Dr. Gherardo Colombo met MILE School Middle students.

Dr. Colombo is known for his frequent meetings with pupils from several schools and levels. He usually addresses the themes of citizenship and social relationship.

Therefore, even in our school, Dr. Colombo made our pupils confront the issues of respect for common rules and knowledge, not just theoretical, of our constitution.

Thanks to Gherardo Colombo’s meeting MILE School student had learnt that the morals serve to keep order in our lives. They have also understood that under certain conditions one cannot find a way to escape. Afterwards, Gherardo Colombo has helped students to understand that education is important to know and earn our rights. They understood all this thanks to simple examples in daily life.

This has led us to think about our future and who we would like to be, what we would like to study and what rules are fundamental for our future.