Grade 8 talked about cultures and sexuality

A travel into the different spheres of the sexuality nowadays.

This year the Grade 8 Italian Science program  deals with ” the reproductive system” and therefore Science teacher decided to integrate the notions of anatomy and prevention  with a special meeting with an expert.

Relating to the recent  news about the inappropriate use of  social networks among juvenales, we have developed with the expert the following topics:

sexual offenses and their penalties

the age of consent

Sexual dysfunctions and their impact on the individual psychological sphere

sexuality in different cultures and parts of the world

The meeting was held by Dr.Federica Casnici  psychologist, expert in sexology and sex education.

The students were very interested in the given topics, collaborative and asked lots of different questions.

Much interest arose around sexual offenses and their penalties. Infact, MILE Schol Middle students were unaware of crimes and related penalties in this area.

Grade 8 class did really appreciate this meeting as they could exchange their ideas and doubts about sexuality and how they can defend themselves in case of abuses.

The expert and prof. Alberton’s feedback were very positive. We hope that, as reported by the students in their comments, this experience helped them to better understand other cultures from this point of view: the affectivity and sexuality are the aspects of our human nature that can be very pleasant if we experience them correctly that means with respect for others.