Honor Roll

MILE School introduce the Honor Wall

MILE School is very proud of all its students and their accomplishments. Traditionally most schools only recognize the academic progress of their students but we at Mile go beyond this. Our teachers not only pay close attention to each student’s personal development and well-being but also encourage good behavior and teamwork.

Because we know that there are students who always display positive behavior, for which we feel they must be recognized, we have decided to create an Honor Wall. You might ask, ‘What exactly is an Honor Wall?’

Let us show you what we mean.

At the school’s entrance there will be a wall designated to display the photographs of those students who have demonstrated unique skills, actions or attitudes.  The selection of such students will be shared and decided by the teaching team which is in direct contact with the chosen student. The criteria for this choice will be determined by the teaching team involved in the student’s school life.  This might include simple things such as being polite to adults or helping classmates.  Again, this will be determined by the teaching staff.

Parents whose child is selected will receive a formal letter from school notifying them of this decision and the child’s photograph will be posted on the wall. The selection of students for the Honor Wall will occur on a monthly basis.