I Made the wine for mum and dad

MILE Kids Nursery babies discovered grapes

From the vineyard

I picked up this little berry

Crush with my leg

And then make good wine


During  the last week of September, MILE Kids little friends at theNursery have discovered the arrival of autumn through those natural elements that characterizes it, the grapes!

The little guys have experienced the time of harvest, crushing and bottling in a magical atmosphere. This adventure was lived by the kids with the gnome of the forest, that during all their seasons and their changes, will present to children what natural elements are.

Through tales and nursery rhymes children approached manipulative and creative activities, increasing their sensory development in a stimulating and “magical environment”.

Through their friend gnome, children have learned that wine comes from grapes.

The children participated in the grape harvest with vines in our garden…

They tasted and appreciated it… And then they enthusiastically enjoyed the crushing of large dark berries. From their feet suddenly appeared dark grapes juice … what a magic moment! And then the wine filtered and bottled was offered as a gift to the parents.