Students visit Il Sole 24 Ore headquarters

Students of Grade 6 discover how a newspaper is realized.... In 21st Century!

Recently students of Grade 6 have visited together with Prof. Elena Radaelli and Prof. Emilia Caramella the headquarters of Il Sole 24 Ore to discover the job of an economic journalist and the birth of a newspaper.

Dr. Laura Cavestri, editor and Lorenzo Davoli’s mother, together with Rosalba Reggio, Matteo Orlando’s mother and head of the newspaper TV channel let the class visit the breathtaking site of the newspaper designed and realized by Renzo Piano and breath the exciting air of real-time news.

In fact it was the moment to open to the students the meeting room where the students were able to sit at the journalists’ place who every morning analyze the news all over the world and create the content and layout of the newspaper.

Around the drafting table, beautifully set into the center of the building and surrounded by glass walls that allow them to see the frenetic activity of the newsroom, along with Dr. Cavestri, students received the task to create the first page of Il Sole 24 hours starting from ANSA news freshly published in the morning.

The students, divided into four groups, tackled burning issues such as the Trump-Merkel meeting, the latest ISTAT data on exports  but also the sport news and they created the title and summary, ready to be then sent to the editorial graphic to be then printed. What an emotion! The emotion was really great to see also how the first page of the newspaper was created!

They also understood how through digitalization, the media and different devices we use every day, had to reinvent themselves by creating a dedicated website, a digital version of Il Sole 24 Ore and also an ad hoc tv. Through this TV channel, the main Italian news programs require Il Sole24Ore to update them on relevant economic issues or to interview experts who – thanks to their professionalism – help readers to analyze the latest economic and financial data from around the world.

Dr Cavestri  and Dr. Reggio then explained the complex and fascinating job of foreign correspondents located in every corner of our globe. Again … what a thrill! The eyes of the kids were really astounded and as real journalists took notes through their block or their iPad as if they had to draw up a genuine article!

This experience will lead our students to embrace a new and exciting adventure at school … Professor Radaelli will ask them to become editors and create the first fully digital MILE magazine!

And then they will be called to be journalists on the job and as Joseph Pulitzer said they will learn to discover and present the facts, MILE events, following the magnificent reminder of the great American journalist:

“Bring it briefly so they can read it, clearly so they can appreciate it, picturesque so that they remember it and above all accurately so they can be guided by its light” (Joseph Pulitzer)