In MILE Kids life runs in great harmony with the nature!

Stay tuned with the rhythm of the nature and story telling

In MILE Kids we are aware that the city is not able to maintain a strong bond between the children and the natural world; Teachers and Maestre, daily draw children’s attention to the cycle of the seasons for example on the fruits that the plants give us in every moment of the year, the typical changes of the climate and the alternation of light and dark that characterize each year.

Every moment of the year Children experience a special atmosphere and they find themselves on the ‘piano stagionale’ in the proposed activities, in the narratives, the decorations, colours and culminating with the celebration of a party!

The element of narration is also very important: the beginning and the center of our day. “… [T] he most natural and the earliest way in which we organize our experience and our knowledge in terms of the narrative form. “(the Culture of Education, Jerome Bruner, 1997) Since ancient times, man shares the knowledge and emotions in the narrative moment, the center of social life, which is built around the hearth. During circle time we recreate this time of sharing, discussion and listening to fairy tales in an atmosphere of recollection and union. Every celebration is accompanied by a story or a legend that characterizes and feeds the emotional and fantastic world of our children!