Our School will promote a project in partnership with University of Pavia

MILE School has always paid attention to the most innovative pedagogical strategies and the most effective ones for the students’ learning and cognitive development. For this reason, after having carried out research activities during the past school year, Mrs Adriana Sorbellini, MILE School’s Founder, has decided to promote a project focused on intellectual giftedness in partnership with the University of Pavia, the Italian university more involved in such studies and constantly connected to international academic institutions concerned with this issue.

Mrs Sorbellini’s choice was inspired by the awareness that the phenomenon of intellectual giftedness is still very little known in our country, although it is estimated that in Italy about 5-8% of children perform above the average. One of the most common misconceptions is represented by the idea that owning a high cognitive potential entails a guarantee of success in life.

Actually, a “gifted” child will develop his potential if and only if it will be precociously identified and his academic path well supported. Children and teenagers with high cognitive potential often do not find the right answers to their interests and needs of knowledge at school and in normal educational environments. At the same time they frequently have to manage situations of social and emotional discomfort and exclusion by their peers. The discomfort also involves the people around them such as parents. High potential may represent a risk from different points of view, but it is also an outstanding opportunity, for the single child and for the whole society.

According to this project to be extended to all students, families and teachers at MILE School, met Professor Maria Assunta Zanetti – Associate Professor for Development Psychology at the University of Pavia.