Thousands of new books for Italian school libraries

MILE School this year will join the innovative national initiative#IOLEGGOPERCHÈ www.ioleggoperche.it aiming to promote reading from the very first years of school. The initiative, organized by the Italian Publishers Association, moves from the passion of readers of all ages and backgrounds.

By adopting this initiative, MILE School aims to grow the assets of its own Library so to encourage more and more students-readers to share books, learning and recognizing the value of loans and the use of the school library as an inexhaustible source of discovery and study.

By the end of September MILE Primary and MILE Middle School teachers will prepare for each class a list of books that will be shared with 3 libraries of the Milan area, with students and with their families.

Starting from Saturday, October, 22 to Sunday, October 30, our students will be involved in ad hoc events. You will receive details concerning the initiatives soon.
In the same week, our community Families, going to the libraries associated with MILE School, will be able to buy the books suggested by teachers that will be donated to our school.
But that’s not all. Also the publishers will contribute to the growth of MILE School Library by offering for free to our school twice as many texts as those collected.

The ultimate goal of this initiative is to populate with thousands of books school libraries that will have joined the project and requested it.
So, MILE School students and their families are invited to promote at home and among their friends the lists of books that will be given them by the teachers. Going to the associated libraries on the days of the initiative happening and buying one or even more books will turn all the members of our community in “reading messengers” for MILE School.

Please find here below listed the names and addresses of the 3 associated libraries with MILE School:


Libreria dei Ragazzi, via Alessandro Tadino 53

Libreria il Libraccio, Viale Romolo 7

Mondadori Bookstore, Via Ettore Ponti 21