Iniziative Report

The initiative IOLEGGOPERCHE’# ended with success and has seen MILE School and MILE families engaged in the front line for the promotion of reading and the development of our library.

MILE School Primary and MILE School Middle students have been able to learn about the complex and fascinating reality of the library’s world,  i.e.  writing and selling a book.

Reading a book represents a unique and special moment to discover the richness of feelings and human experiences that are common to each of us at any age.

The visit to the twinned libraries has enabled the students to discover classic narrative genres and innovative books that have attracted and involved them in splendid reading aloud by actors or writers invited in the libraries. The booksellers are now engaged in the order and collection of books donated by families and in February the Italian Booksellers Association will double the number of purchased and donated books, thus providing to our valuable library copies for the loan.

Thanks to MILE School wiliness to feed the pupils’ desire for knowledge of and thanks to the initiative IOLEGGOPERCHE’# MILE School had once again enriched the students’ hearts and provided them with the unique chance to rediscover what Petrarch wrote with intense passion  as reader: “I question books and they answer me. And they talk and sing to me. They bring me smile on the lips or the consolation in the heart. Others teach me to know myself. “

Come on MILE readers, books are waiting for being opened, discovered, loved and hated: an extraordinary world is in the library … at school!