Learning Celebration

Technology lessons at MILE School

In March there was the Celebration of Learning Technology in grade VII. The students were the protagonists of the meeting and gave a real lesson of Food Technology: food preservation, cultivation methods, additives function, organic produce … A meeting very useful for parents that they had the opportunity to enrich their knowledge in food technology!

The MILE School technology lessons are an opportunity to learn and at the same time to discover, leaving the traditional teaching methods behind. The main goals of the lessons is the overcoming of the traditional approach; the starting point is the information that students can gain from what they already know, that is, drawing from their knowledge and existing experiences.

The textbooks, internet channels, applications, become research tools and deepen. Students are called to a task that involves the study of the sources and their elaboration and writing. The playful approach and the use of new technologies, confirms the engagement of students and develop mastery in learning.