MILE for Technology

The second phase of digital innovation officially started.

The second phase of digital innovation officially started on May 27th at MILE Bilingual School in the Apple Store in Rozzano where students of future Grades 3,4,5 and 6 lived an exciting experience. Actually, students and their families were invited to the event “MILE for Technology” that Apple Store Rozzano created for them, during which the store was closed to the public and completely dedicated to families and especially to the activities of deployment and introduction to the iPad project 1:1 that now is active at MILE School. As pointed out by MILE School Founder and CEO Adriana Sorbellini in the opening speech of the event, the didactical digitalization is an essential step to MILE School so that students can discover and make use of innovative technology to learn according to their cognitive and personal growth.

At the event there was of course the ICT Manager Elena Radaelli who recalled the digital teaching process strongly recommended by MILE School Principal. During the 2015-2016 school year, the teachers together with the ICT team was committed to develop an interactive teaching, activating the methodology of the “flipped classroom” as an important means to further expand students’ collaborative learning, a milestone of MILE School’s bilingual pedagogy. This year the school had the chance to experiment a 1:2 iPad project ie a device shared between two students during classroom activities.

Our students started and developed a new approach to technology, finding that tablets are not just a mere solitary entertainment device but they help them to create interactive products, such as iBooks, coding classes and ad hoc online platforms. Now MILE School students are ready to face and embrace the ad hoc 1:1 iPad project. Their personal iPads have been therefore equipped with dedicated apps, such as Britannica, Scratch, MILE’s LMS (a platform created ad hoc by MILE School to convey the pedagogy of the flipped classroom) that will be fundamental to develop their ICT skills and accept the wealth of the innovative teaching that opens new cognitive horizons.