First Edition of MILE School’s Multicultural Event

On May 29th, MILE School celebrated the first edition of the MILE Multicultural Night, to pay tribute to the 25 different nationalities, who make up our school community.

For MILE School, multiculturalism is an important value, which allows our students to relate to diversity, encouraging positive attitudes and behaviours such as, curiosity and tolerance, which are fundamental to their growth.

The language, customs, music and food, which are the typical and distinctive representations of each country, came to life through a costume parade of our students and their families, who were accompanied by the musical notes of their respective national anthems.

And then it was time for the buffet, which pleased the palates of all with the colours and flavours from the furthest corners of the world. Italy, which boasts a highly-diversified cultural tradition, was represented by the culinary specialties of its regions.

The MILE Multicultural Night was a nice opportunity for parents, who in addition to contributing actively to the success of the event, parading with their children, and preparing tasty dishes, had the opportunity of informally meeting other families coming from various countries and whose children, like theirs, share MILE School’s bilingual educational path.