MILE School Welcomes Carfax Education

An Orientation Appointment for the Choice of British and American Universities.

On November 18th, MILE School had the pleasure of hosting a delegate of Carfax Education, the international organization created with the aim of supporting students and families along the path to admission to the most prestigious British and American universities.

In a context shaped by a large number universities and a strong competition for entry, how do you select the most suitable one, and how do you arrive prepared for the selections?

According to Carfax Education, the curricular and linguistic skills of a student need to be complemented by other achievements: sports performance, voluntary experience, passions and interests; in other words, a selection of elements that make up a framework of soft skills in which determination and focus are of great importance.

How old should you be when you start preparing your applications? Which and how many universities should you select? How do you train your skills and how do you best prepare for the selection phases?

These were the questions that were answered during the meeting with Carfax Education. MILE School is proud to have had the opportunity to offer guidance support to families who intend to embark on this journey.