MILE Sport Week and MILE Sport Day

Edition 2018

The second edition of the Mile Sports Week and the Mile Sports Day, which took place on May 18, saw MILE School students competing in a multitude of sports disciplines in Assago’s Sports Centre. The students of MILE Primary and Middle School were split, regardless of age, into “houses”, each of which was represented by a colour.

During the “SPORTS WEEK”, our students had the pleasure to meet in a dedicated assembly Andrea Pusateri, a Paralympic athlete who will bring a touching story of sport as a ransom of life to MILE. Andrea Pusateri was born in 1993, approaches para-cycling in 2008 with excellent results in 2014 he won the European Cup in Switzerland and in 2015 he won the World Cup in Italy. Since the age of four, after a terrible accident at a train station that caused him the loss of both legs (doctors managed to reattach the left one ), he has lost his mother who was killed to save him. Entrusted to his grandparents, he approached cycling thanks to one of his uncles. In 2015 another terrible accident hit him and he entered into a coma. “You will not compete any more” they told him, three months later he achieved his most important goal by winning his first World Cup. MILE School is honored to have had him as a guest and to share the touching story of this athlete, an example of strength and determination.

The Mile School Sport Week and MILE School Sport Day confirmed the central role of sport for MILE School, both as physical education and as a social value, which comprises competition, respect for rules, team play, solidarity, and supporting younger players. These are sporting values and at the same time they are human qualities, pursued and shared by our school, our teaching staff, and by each member of MILE School’s community.