MILE Talent Hub inaugurates this year’s program of extra-core activities called TAM TAM Labs, which will enable students to develop their interests in Technology, Art, and Music. These activities are optional and are complemented by curricular ones.

TAM TAM Laboratories module is scheduled to commence from January 2018.

Meetings are scheduled on Saturday, from 10 am to 1 pm.

The following are the appointments and the detail of the disciplines, which will be organized in the rotation based on the principle of 2 co-teaching and 1 individual according to the following calendar:

1st meeting, January 27, 2018, Arts Technology (co-teaching specialists) and Music Specialist single

2nd meeting, March 3, 2018: Technology and Music (co-teaching specialists) and Single Art Specialist

3rd Meeting Saturday, April 7, 2018: Musical Arts (Co-teaching Specialists) and Specialist Technology Single Laboratory

TAM TAM appointments will be coordinated by a team of MILE School specialists and professionals in the field,

The venue is MILE School, via Olgiati 14. For the Music Meeting of January 27th, it is necessary as a pre-requisite to indicate the instrument played and the years of practice, TAM TAM Laboratories will be launched with a minimum enrollment of 20 students and will be closed (max 30).

Students and friends will also be able to attend.

The subscriptions will close on Friday, December 15.