Employing Labs as an Opportunity to Learn and Experiment.

MILE School Study Course is completed by numerous labs that represent an extraordinary oppor-tunity for students both as a practical application and as a consolidation of that which has been learnt by them in the classroom.


Music teaching at MILE School is highly innovative and offers a course that develops over eight years (primary and middle), which has a single thread that runs through it: to learn a unique language, that of the emotions. Music activities are carried out in a dedicated lab, where there is traditional music teaching along with the possibility of experimenting with the more modern Music Technology. The course of study for Music starts in the two year period in primary school, where students learn to use the Orf music teaching instruments. They also learn to play simple percussions to learn rhythm, followed by the Glockenspiel, which literally means “the sound of bells”, a metal musical instrument similar to a vibraphone that has a 3 octave range. Beginning with the sixth year class, students will learn to accompany on guitar as part of the school curriculum.


At MILE School, students don’t just learn science from books they also carry out experiments. For this reason, the school has created a dedicated space, the Science Lab, with all the necessary tools and instruments, for example, microscopes, test tubes, observational lenses, etc.
MILE School’s scientific laboratory, which is managed by a biologist, is an integral part of the annual teaching program. It is used to teach the activities included in the direct experience of carrying out experiments. Because carrying out experiments is a fundamental component of the learning process. It allows the students to observe and reflect on the various aspects of the natural world, and on the interactions between living organisms. Through experience and practice, MILE School students develop their ability to observe critically, which is indispensable to understanding everyday phenomena and for carrying out and sharing experiments with the class.


Technology Lab course will be taught by a teacher specialised in innovative teaching techniques. This person will engage classes VI, VII, and VIII, by experimenting new solutions based on multichannel teaching, in “real word”, based on challenges, games, and various languages.
The aim of this course is to help students develop competencies, metacognitive faculties, and to teach them to express themselves and be able to narrate using technology rather than concentrate on individual content.
The innovative program based on talking scenes, which will be carried out in class VIII will prepare students for the final exam.


The Bruno Munari laboratory (directed by Munaria®) is an experience that must be lived personally and directly because only the participants to the workshop are given a full understanding of the concepts that are brought by the philosophy: think by using your hands. Before going to school, children learn while they play. The school system often forces children to quit their spontaneous process of learningled by improvisation, building and visually representing the world. MILE School has introduced the Bruno Munari workshop in its teaching program for children, where time passes by designing images, building models, naming colors … Before learning how to make theories.