Where students go to study and do research.

In MILE School’s conception of active teaching, the library is an important tool to integrate the learning development of the students, by offering resources for in-depth studies and research through cooperative learning. The library represents an across-the-board resource and not a stand-alone facility.

At present, the library holds around a thousand books in Italian and English and teaching texts as well as books on more generic topics related to the traditions and cultures of other countries.

The school is in the process of developing a digital library with a view to integrating the library into the daily teaching schedule. It will be an innovative tool, which will be shared with students and their families and the school’s teaching staff. Indeed, MILE School has decided to launch and develop a virtual dimension to the library as an integral part of the innovative digital teaching process that will begin in the 2015-2016 academic year.

The library will help students in their studies and research both on books and online, by acquiring new, important science and encyclopaedic books and it will launch a virtual platform from which students will be able to access valuable digital teaching material from all over the world.