Educational Guidance in British Boarding Schools (Colleges) and British and American Universities


MILE School is glad to invite you on Saturday, 28 November, to our headquarters in Via Olgiati 14, in Milan, where we will welcome Carfax Education, the prestigious London-based organisation specialised in supporting students who wish to go to the most important and esteemed colleges and universities in the world.

Carfax Education has chosen MILE School as its Italian partner. Indeed, thanks to our bilingual education programme and Cambridge School certification, MILE School can offer an academic course of study that paves the way and is coherent with the requirements of excellence and global orientation met by the most prestigious international schools.

The day’s events include in the morning a review of the best British and American colleges and universities, including a review of the admissions process and academic requirements.

During the session, MILE School’s bilingual education programme will also be presented.

In the afternoon, to meet more specific requirements, a follow-up meeting will take place for individuals and families by appointment.

Schedule of the Day’s Events
Ore 9.00
Registration and Welcome Coffee
MILE School’s education programme for children aged from 2 to 13.
About British Boarding Schools (colleges), talk given by Carfax Education
About British and American universities, how to choose the best ones, and their aca-demic requirements for admission. Carfax Education’s education support to students and families.
Individual meetings with Carfax Education and Dott.ssa Adriana Sorbellini, founder of MILE School.

By invitation only.

The talks by Carfax Education are for the benefit of middle and high school students.

To request to participate or to confirm one’s participation, please compile the form below. The Admin office will get in touch with families who wish to participate and to confirm their participation and schedule the individual meetings where applicable.

Entry form