Speaking in front of an audience is never easy, but our MILE School Middle students demonstrated to be more than capable to do this. Recently all of them engaged in such task with excellent results.  Informative speeches were presented by the...
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On May 29th, MILE School celebrated the first edition of the MILE Multicultural Night, to pay tribute to the 25 different nationalities, who make up our school community. For MILE School, multiculturalism is an important value, which allows our students...
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MILE Sport Week and MILE Sport Day

The second edition of the Mile Sports Week and the Mile Sports Day, which took place on May 18, saw MILE School students competing in a multitude of sports disciplines in Assago’s Sports Centre. The students of MILE Primary and Middle School...
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Cocinando con la Séptima

Con la finalidad de realizar una tarea que se pueda usar en la vida real, los alumnos de séptimo grado han trabajado árduamente para escribir un libro de recetas completo, aplicando los conocimientos aprendidos en inglés, español, math y ICT....
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Rowing Competition in Corgeno

On 9th may grade 6,7,8 students off MILE School Middle as part of the "Rowing at school" project attended at the regional rowing competition of Ascona (VA). We would like to share the emotions of this special day through the...
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Report on Third TAM TAM Lab meeting

‘Nothing is what it is except in so far as it is convenient, suitable, and in harmony with something else.’ (Ivan Illich) On April 7th, the final round of this first cycle of TAM TAM Lab took place in MILE...
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MILE School Middle Rowing Competition

Rowing 2
From the beginning of the school year, in collaboration with the sports club Canottieri Olona, the students of 6, 7 and 8 grade have been engaged in the project "Remare a Scuola", a project that aims to bring young people closer...
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Bruno Munari Workshops

Before they are old enough to go to school, children learn while playing. The school system often imposes on children to abandon spontaneous learning processes such as improvising, building, and representing the world visually. The Bruno Munari laboratory (edited by Munaria) is something that...
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Our MILE School Middle, Grade 8 students have just successfully completed their Spanish language project “MILE Cuenta un Cuento”, which entailed putting into practice all of their language skills to tell a story in Spanish. They were given characters, settings...
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A String Orchestra plays for MILE School

On Wednesday 21st March we hosted, in MILE School, a real String Orchestra conducted by the Conductor Andrea Musumeci. During the lesson, the stringed instruments and their function were presented within the orchestra. The life of W.A. Mozart will also be told,...
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On March 3rd, the second event of the TAM TAM LAB project took place, where participants were able to work with music and technology as specific laboratory disciplines and experiment on how they interact. During the music workshop the students,...
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KinderTap Introduction

KinderTap is the new logbook system for nursery schools and kindergartens, which aims to facilitate daily communications between educational staff and student families. Via this application, parents can consult their child’s daily card remotely and thus have access to information:...
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MILE School goes to Teatro alla Scala

On Wednesday, February 28,  MILE School students of grades 3A and 3B went to the wonderful Teatro alla Scala in Milan, where they saw  "Il Barbiere di Siviglia", music by Gioachino Rossini and musical elaboration and arrangements by Alexander Krampe. Rossini's masterpiece...
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NASA – A Human Adventure

MILE School 5 graders visited the exhibition "NASA - A Human Adventure" where they had the opportunity to identify themselves with the astronauts.The exhibition gave the children the chance to observe models, photographs, films and reproductions and so they will...
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The Modern Dance course in MILE School for the primary school students wants to teach them to move along the musical rhythm, how to move within a group, creating choreographies. It is fundamental to acquire the coordination of movements, agility...
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The study of Karate is suitable for everyone and is recommended by sports specialists and educators both for the physical/sports and for the mental/psychological development. From a physical point of view it helps to:Improve balance and coordination,increase the perception of...
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Schermata 2018-02-18 alle 11.12.11
Acrogym afterschool course in MILE School provides to acquire the skills of artistic gymnastics such as somersaults, cartwheels, and handstands, combined with typical circus routines with the construction of figures in groups of three, four, and more participants. The course also involves using...
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Fencing After school activity

Schermata 2018-02-18 alle 11.19.56
During MILE School afternoon fencing course the instructor teaches the students - mainly through play - psychomotor exercises with the use of props such as Chinese cones, cones, obstacles, loops... Proprioceptive games aimed at improving hand-eye coordination for the safe use...
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MILE KIDS has launched coding laboratories for 4 and 5 year-olds. The laboratory is taught by a professional ICT teacher, who also teaches at our primary school. Coding Lab is a chance to provide children with the opportunity to apply cognitive reasoning and logical...
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Curiosity Tools

In MILE School 6  and 7 graders are involved in a school project dedicated to writing advertisements called "Curiosity Tools". It aims to find a meeting point between the curiosity of the students and the educational objectives of the school. The project is...
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Schermata 2018-02-18 alle 12.29.25
We are happy to inform you that thanks to MILE Sports Committee’s work, our school will celebrate "THE WEEK OF SPORT" from May 14th to 18th, and the main theme during this week will be the sport. On Friday, May 18th "Sports Day" will take...
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On Friday 2nd 2018 in MILE School  there was MILE School yearly SCHOOL DANCE for 5 and Middle graders.   On that occasion, all students were invited to bring a change of clothing in a bag and change into their fancy attire after school....
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On Friday 26th January,  students of grade 5, 6, 7 and 8 went to the Milan Auditorium Fondazione Cariplo, Largo G. Mahler to attend the extraordinary event on the occasion of the Memorial Day. Words, music, and songs to not to forget!...
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MILE School Welcomes Carfax Education

Schermata 2017-12-04 alle 23.34.49
On November 18th, MILE School had the pleasure of hosting a delegate of Carfax Education, the international organization created with the aim of supporting students and families along the path to admission to the most prestigious British and American universities....
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Soil Laboratory for graders 4

In November, graders 4 during the science lessons with teacher Annaluce and teacher Laura have developed a soil laboratory activity with Alessandra, an environmental teacher from  Demetra association. MILE School Primary students got the chance to observe, touch and smell...
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We recently concluded #IOLEGGOPERCHE ', the event to which MILE School has participated for many years, which was created to encourage reading by the very young. Among the initiatives which took place over the course of the event, was the...
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STIMA project for Grade 3 students

Schermata 2017-12-03 alle 17.21.06
This year, MILE School has started a pilot project aimed at Grade 3 classes, at the base of which is the STIMA model, which is an educational activity aimed at supporting the development of both the cognitive and emotional growth skills...
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Thanksgiving celebration at MILE School

Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated in America as a reminder of how the Native Americans helped the Pilgrims make homes and collect food for a better way of life. Each November, we think of things that we are thankful for such as...
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AscoltaMI school “Sportello”

Starting from Monday October 23, will be re-activated at MILE Primary and Middle School the school service "AscoltaMI". This "Sportello",  launched in collaboration with the LabTalento University of Pavia, has been realized to provide a point of listening, information and...
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MILE Talent Hub inaugurates this year's program of extra-core activities called TAM TAM Labs, which will enable students to develop their interests in Technology, Art, and Music. These activities are optional and are complemented by curricular ones. TAM TAM Laboratories...
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What support can we offer to our children and their future in a historical moment characterized by a strong acceleration and a constant introduction of innovations? Is the traditional offer enough to provide the tools needed to develop individual potentials?...
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Physical Education Program School year 2017-2018

sport education
The results of the sports activity for the school year just concluded can only be considered extremely positive, in addition to the school lessons and the MC2 sports center, the numerous participation at the Stramilanina, at the MILE on Bike...
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INVALSI (National Institute for the Evaluation of the Education and Training System) is the nationally-accredited body which carries out periodic and systematic audits of the students' knowledge and skills and the overall quality of the educational provision of the school...
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Event: Codemotion Kids! starts 2017-2018 courses in MILE Schools

Open Day Codemotion Kids! in MILE School
Next October Codemotion Kids! educational technology activities, dedicated to children and teenagers from 8 to 18 years old in Milano, will start again. As you well remember from the previous after school emails, Codemotion Kids!will take place in MILE School....
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Cocinando con la Séptima – The first recipe book made by the students

The Seventh Grade Students MILE School Middle have worked diligently to share their favorite recipes with us. After learning how to give directions in Spanish and write a descriptive text in English, we can now publish our first recipe book:...
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S-MILE, MILE School’s Magazine arrived

In May, MILE School Middle, Grade 6 has focused on informative texts, in other words journalistic texts. In fact, following the visit to Il Sole24Ore, the students and I thought about applying what we learned at the multifaceted newsroom of the daily...
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Gherardo Colombo meets MILE School Middle

On Monday, May 8th, Dr. Gherardo Colombo met MILE School Middle students. Dr. Colombo is known for his frequent meetings with pupils from several schools and levels. He usually addresses the themes of citizenship and social relationship. Therefore, even in...
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iBook “The kiss”

Students of Grade 7 have successfully completed the creative writing lab that led them to publish a mini collection of sentimental stories entitled "The Kiss". Creative writing requires technique, precision, concentration and dominance of emotions. Language control in its syntactic-lexical...
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Biolab e Paleolab

Grade 6 MILE School students recently went on a school trip to Biolab and Paleolab, two dedicated workshops at the Natural History Museum of Milan. Accompanied by Prof. Alberton and Prof. Radaelli the students were able to conduct some experiments...
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Students visit Il Sole 24 Ore headquarters

Recently students of Grade 6 have visited together with Prof. Elena Radaelli and Prof. Emilia Caramella the headquarters of Il Sole 24 Ore to discover the job of an economic journalist and the birth of a newspaper. Dr. Laura Cavestri,...
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School Service AscoltaMI ready to go live

Starting from Wednesday February 22, the school service "AscoltaMI "will be activated at MILE Primary and Middle School. This initiative, launched in collaboration with the LabTalento University of Pavia, has been realized to to provide a point of listening, information...
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On the occasion of Holocaust Remembrance Day, celebrated every January 27 in commemoration of the Holocaust victims, Mile School, organized for grades 4,5,6,7 and 8 a concert by the  Stellerranti Band directly from the Shtetl to the Broadway stage, performed by...
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Did you know that MILE School has already touched the life of some students in Africa? These are some photographs from a school in Ethiopia, in Addis Abeba to be exact, to which our Middle School students decided to donate...
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Honor Roll

Honor Roll_HP
MILE School is very proud of all its students and their accomplishments. Traditionally most schools only recognize the academic progress of their students but we at Mile go beyond this. Our teachers not only pay close attention to each student's personal development...
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Open Day MILE Kids Nursery

invitation Facebook_Openday_Nursery_Kids
Saturday, February 25th  you can visit MILE Kids Nursery with your children, From 10.00 until 12.00 the Educational staff of MILE Kids Nursery will be happy to welcome you, with laboratories and fun recreational activities. You can visit our spaces, get to know our...
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Grade 8 talked about cultures and sexuality

This year the Grade 8 Italian Science program  deals with " the reproductive system" and therefore Science teacher decided to integrate the notions of anatomy and prevention  with a special meeting with an expert. Relating to the recent  news about...
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To BE a Botanical

"Plants" is the topic that is dealt this year in the Science program of Grade 6 in MILE School Middle . The idea is to integrate the notions of physiology and structure of the plants (already discussed in the classroom) with a...
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In MILE Kids life runs in great harmony with the nature!

In MILE Kids we are aware that the city is not able to maintain a strong bond between the children and the natural world; Teachers and Maestre, daily draw children's attention to the cycle of the seasons for example on the...
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The reason why in MILE School we teach Coding since the early years of schooling

Coding is the English word for computer programming. What is meant to program in computer science? It means using a given programming language to write a set of sequential instructions in order to solve a particular problem. When we talk...
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Schermata 2016-11-01 alle 22_Fotor_Fotor
MILE School is glad to inform you that our school has decided to embark on a project that aims at raising funds to help those who were affected by the August earthquake in Amatrice.  Teachers and students throughout the school will...
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MILE School has always paid attention to the most innovative pedagogical strategies and the most effective ones for the students’ learning and cognitive development. For this reason, after having carried out research activities during the past school year, Mrs Adriana...
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Paleolab evening school outing

On last Saturday November 5th,  MILE School Primary students of the Grade 3 experienced a unique night adventure as aspiring paleontologists at Natural Science Museum of Milan. In the laboratory of the weird Prof. Dal Maga, they learned the techniques...
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The initiative IOLEGGOPERCHE'# ended with success and has seen MILE School and MILE families engaged in the front line for the promotion of reading and the development of our library. MILE School Primary and MILE School Middle students have been...
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SAN BERNARDINO Church – Halloween School outing

On the occasion of Halloween and the scariest holiday of the year, MILE School Middle Students of grade 7 and grade 8 went to visit one of the most amazing and less known places of Milan. With the sunlight of a warm...
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During the last few days of October, the children from the Nursery, amoung the various types of natural elements, discovered the Pumpkin. As Always, the natural elements are discovered by fairytales in a magical environment. Our friend,  the little dwarf...
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MILE School & SOLARI6 Center Cooperation

Schermata 2016-10-29 alle 17_Fotor_Fotor_Fotor_Fotor
We are pleased to inform you that starting from the school year 2016-2017 the partnership between MILE School and the Studio medico Solari 6, the excellent medical and dental clinic, which puts clients' care at the center, will begin. Solari6 wants to...
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I Made the wine for mum and dad

From the vineyard I picked up this little berry Crush with my leg And then make good wine   During  the last week of September, MILE Kids little friends at theNursery have discovered the arrival of autumn through those natural...
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MILE School at OPPI Venice

On Sept. 22-24, MILE School was invited to attend a unique educational event organized by the international non-pofit educational organization Oppi. During this event our Founder Mrs Adriana Sorbellini and Mrs Elena Radaelli, MILE School's ICT Manager, were invited as only...
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Every parent is special and specialist!

Schermata 2016-10-10 alle 23_HP
Starting from February 2016 and until the end of May 2017, the project "Every parent is special and specialist!" will come to life. The project consists in inviting, once a month, until the end of the school year of Grade...
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INVALSI excellent tests results

MILE School is happy to inform that the INVALSI tests performed by Grade 2 (actual Grade 3) classes during the 2015/2016 school year have had excellent results, significantly higher according to the regional and the national average. Greetings to the children who...
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The Grape Harvest

Schermata 2016-10-02 alle 23.38.42
On the 20th September, Mile School's Grade 2 classes went to “Picchi” winery (in Casteggio) for the grape harvest. The children were given the task to pick the grapes in the vineyard and put them away in the appropriate baskets. The...
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Schermata 2016-09-28 alle 22.35.49
MILE School this year will join the innovative national initiative#IOLEGGOPERCHÈ aiming to promote reading from the very first years of school. The initiative, organized by the Italian Publishers Association, moves from the passion of readers of all ages and backgrounds. By...
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Rowing in MILE School

MILE School considers the sporting culture to be very important for the healthy development of their students. MILE School believes in the development of the Naviglio Grande, a resource for the territory and an integral part of the Milanese culture....
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“MILE Bilingual School is the best school in Italy which follows a true Bilingual Path of Education”

This year in April 2016, the students of Grade 5 took Cambridge International Examination for the first time. MILE School's Cambridge Primary Checkpoint results are out and the students have come out successfully. The Cambridge School Report states that the...
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Be inspired by museum education

A teaching activity of great interest: " Interactive speaking scenes " in the classroom. Chosen topic: The second industrial revolution . This activity was inspired by "Museum Education" . "Museum education is the most advanced learning system - teaching. It uses all...
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Grade 6 meets S.Gerardo hospital in Monza

Tuesday, June 7th  was a special day for MILE School Middle: the students of Grade 6 took part in the end of year party of the hospital school of 'S. Gerardo Hospital in Monza, Centro Maria Letizia Verga, entirely devoted to...
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MILE for Technology

The second phase of digital innovation officially started on May 27th at MILE Bilingual School in the Apple Store in Rozzano where students of future Grades 3,4,5 and 6 lived an exciting experience. Actually, students and their families were invited to the event...
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Festival della Cultura Creativa 2016

Music is a universal language that links all cultures and traditions of the world. On the occasion of the Festival of Creative Culture 2016 "Living a world of sounds", MILE School has faced a journey among different peoples and their...
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“The circus of stories” iBook now available on iTunes Store

"The circus of stories" is a collection of myths, fairy tales and fables created and written by Grade 6 of MILE Bilingual School of Milan in the creative writing project activated and developed by Prof. Elena Radaelli, the Italian language teacher...
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iBook project for ABIO

The ibook Creative Writing Project that has engaged our grade 6 pupils this school year, is successfully entering its last phase of development. In fact, the students have worked over two sessions with Apple's creatives to prepare the digital book .We...
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iBook – Picture Cards Album

The picture cards have a special language, very similar to comics and have in common some of their own "linguistic characteristics". First of all they are expressed through the combination of texts and images. Secondly, they are a summary of...
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Progetto iBook

During the Italian hours, MILE School students of grade VI have been working on an iBook, shaping an innovative project, rich in value both in learning and social aspects. Firstly the students have been protagonists of a written work of...
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Full English Summer City Camps

Schermata 2016-03-18 alle 23
By partnering with the ACLE Association, accredited by MIUR, from June 13 to July 1 MILE School will turn into a real full English city/summer camp! Students from Reception (5 years), MILE School Primary and Middle School will be followed...
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In March there was the Celebration of Learning Technology in grade VII. The students were the protagonists of the meeting and gave a real lesson of Food Technology: food preservation, cultivation methods, additives function, organic produce ... A meeting very...
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MILE School have successfully completed the project started with Telefono Azzurro related to Cyberbullying and eSafety. The third and fourth classes have discovered and learned the importance of a correct use of the Internet and how important it is to...
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MILE School all’Opera

In March MILE School students of grades V, VI, VII and VIII watched the show "The Magic Flute" by W.A. Mozart at the Teatro Scala. Thanks to the soloists and the orchestra of the Academy, conducted by Maestro Paolo Spadaro,...
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What does a lesson of Science mean at MILE School ? It means to experience, to interact elements and realize experiences. It works by collecting items, producing hypothesis, acting, interacting and observations. Thus, students discover, experience and the study carries...
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Articulation, posture, voice projection and eye contact are some of the skills required for successful public speaking, right?...Well, yes, some MILE School Middle students demonstrated to have all of these during our school Assembly.  On Friday, January 29, eight non-profit...
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MILE School and DOREMI

MILE School and DOREMI have started a collaborative project intended for DOREMI "big kids"students, integrating the kindergarten’s educational offer with MILE’s bilingual background. Specialized educators from MILE School will prepare students for the bilingual primary school, with pre-school activities focusing...
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Telefono Azzurro

MILE School in collaboration with "Telefono Azzurro" Organization hosted different events, for both students and parents, aiming to promote the growth of a more mature and sensible awareness on the appropriate use of Internet. In particular, Grade 3 and 4 of MILE...
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Code For Kids

reply for kids
MILE School has been chosen for the “Code For Kids” project, sponsored by Reply, the Italian Consulting, Systems Integration and Digital System company. The Code For Kids project was conceived in order to help future innovators to "come out", releasing...
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Holocaust Memorial Day

In occasion of Holocaust Memorial Day, the anniversary for the celebration of the Shoah (term meaning "catastrophe" in Hebrew), a special Assembly for the students of Grades 5 6 7 and 8, together with their families, has taken place at MILE...
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MILE Christmas Show

Christmas show 2015
December 16 was a very special: MILE School's families went to the theatre to assist MILE's Christmas Show. The show was prepared with commitment and creativity by the Primary and Middle MILE school's students to welcome the upcoming holiday season...
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MILE Christmas Market

This year, for the first time, Mile School took the initiative of starting an activity through the “Christmas market” for fund raising. The students from 5th, 6th,7th and 8th grade got involved creatively by making greeting cards, Christmas decorations, cupcakes...
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MILE School Dance 2015
We have been getting ready for the “MILE School Dance” with DJ Set, the most awaited fall event at MILE Middle School.
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MILE School Halloween 2015
On Friday 30th October Mile School celebrated Halloween. As part of our curriculum we look at celebrations around the world. Halloween began during the Celtic era as a celebration of the end of the summer harvests and coinciding with All...
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MILE School Vendemmia 2015
As usual at MILE School students took a trip at Azienda Vitivinicola Picchi in Casteggio (Pv). Students had the possibility to visit the wine cellar and vineyard, followed all the transformation phases from grapes to wine and personally tested the...
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