Canottieri Olona 1894

Advantages and opportunities for MILE School families

MILE School considers the sporting culture to be very important for the healthy development of their students.

MILE School believes in the development of the Naviglio Grande, a resource for the territory and an integral part of the Milanese culture.

Rowing, a sport beloved and practiced at a competitive level even in the most prestigious colleges of the Anglo-Saxon countries, now enters the MILE Middle School sports programme, thanks to a partnership with the Olona 1894 Rowing Club, recently renewed in the management and spaces.

Rowing is one of the greatest traditions of the Club; there are several spaces dedicated to the training facilities and improvement of the sport: the exclusive rowing machine, the indoor rowing and boats for 8, 4 and 2 helmsmen.

The students of MILE School Middle practice swimming and rowing once a week in the school timetable at the Canottieri Olona 1894 club.

Starting from the 2016-2017academic year,  thanks to the agreement with Canottieri Olona 1894 two competitive teams will be created, MILE Rowing Team, a competitive rowing team and MILE Swimming Team, a competitive swimming team.

Canottieri Olona 1894 is the right place to live the sport and relax with the whole family: sports facilities and specific courses for all age groups.

A place to stay together and relax, an oasis of sport and wellness in the city overlooking the beautiful setting of the Naviglio Grande in Milan

Living Olona means to choose the noble values of sport: respect, loyalty, joy, sacrifice, sharing and wellness.

For MILE school families, Canottieri Olona 1894 reserves exclusive conditions on the enrolment to sports courses and to become a member of the Club.

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