Casa della Danza e della Musica

To discover students' qualities and capabilities.

Since 2013, under the guidance of M° Andrea Musumeci, Casa della Danza e della Musica has become an excellence in music and dance training. Specialized teachers accompany their students in the discovery of their own qualities and capabilities, with a vision of  dance and music as languages to express oneself and communicate one’s inner self in the most effective and immediate manner. Thanks to the personal experience of the Artistic Management of the school, great attention has always been tributed to “Special Students”. 

The School’s Special Students are all those students who have a natural ease in expressing themselves with musical and body language. Along with the discovery of their natural abilities, the School offers them the opportunity to spark passion to help them through the difficulties which can come along the road, reducing the risk of giving up or refusing to communicate through music or dance.

The School’s Special Students are all those students who face disability or difficulty in expressing themselves or communicating through those languages which are normally accepted in social contexts. Through Music and Dance, the students are supported in creating an alternative – and often more effective – language to fulfill themselves and interact with the surrounding world.

The School’s Special Students are all those students who, while they have ordinary skills in expressing themselves through music or dance and do not encounter any particular difficulties in traditional communication, still decide to undertake the path of a new communicative and emotional instrument with passion, dedication and enthusiasm.

Music and Dance are a means for each individual to build a relationship with himself, with other individuals and with the community: therefore, teaching is carried out both individually and collectively.

Before being considered a school, Casa della Danza e della Musica is a home (“Casa”), a place in which everyone should be able to find the utmost freedom in fulfilling themselves and expressing themselves towards others, in a protected environment.