Codemotion Kids!

The School of Technology for Kids and Teens

Codemotion Kids!, active since 2013 in technology training for young people, today is the largest Technology School in Italy for children aged from 8 to 18. With many different locations across the whole country, Codemotion Kids! trains young people on topics such as coding, robotics, 2D and 3D design, electronics and making.

The target? Is to give kids and teens the opportunity to get cross skills for their future: computational thinking, problem-solving and collaborative work skills.

Technology Workshop and Annual Paths

The news brought by Codemotion Kids! in the technology education landscape dedicated to young students lays in the integration between the extensive calendar of workshops and monothematic courses, structured annualized courses divided into age groups that allow girls and boys to explore the technology world all over 360°.

From coding to make, from robotics to electronics, tomorrow’s small innovators will be able to make a trip inside the technology world thanks to the help of training experts and a method implemented across the years in the Codemotion Kids! Classrooms.

A method based on Creative Learning, which finds its effectiveness in elements such as passion, collaboration, project and games, one of the most exciting moments of the learning experiences.

Codemotion Kids@Milan

Starting from October 2017, Codemotion Kids! will take its 24 classes yearly courses into MILE Bilingual School Headquarters. For MILE School families, Codemotion Kids! reserves exclusive conditions on the enrolment. Please, contact MILE School to know more about it.

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