Creative projects for education development.

MUNARIA is a direct commitment to stimulate love and pleasure for children and adults in the workshop, the curiosity of knowledge interpreted as an adventure, the joy of living the school, the museum, the library not as a traditionally serious place but as a happy space for research and growth. Workshop is thus understood as a creative freedom that concretizes itself in design autonomy. “Workshop” that allows children and adults to practise at all stages of the work, from the choice of materials to use, to the sizes and techniques to be used.

MUNARIA is the choice of creating a workspace archive and virtual home to workshops for adults and children; a reference to so many researches, curiosities, studies on this topic, always present in the international community but often scattered and often not traceable.

MUNARIA is a permanent research and study laboratory of the different ways of knowing and learning

MUNARIA is a pedagogic cell that values virtuous models of education

MUNARIA is a project in which art, culture, science and cultural institutions are confronted to find creative resources for the problems of the present time.

MUNARIA was born with the aim of inspiring a change of education and a responsible change in society through creative projects  

MUNARIA, starting with visual language, activates comparisons and relationships between different worlds, from art to philosophy, from science to technology, from architecture to ecology, from education to communication, from play to design, from illustration to narrative.   MUNARIA projects are aimed at the world of School, Art, Architecture and Design, institutions involved in education, training, cultural promotion, production, families and the general public. All activities can be individual or structured in a path of multiple meetings (educational and / or training) and declined to the specific interests of applicants. Workshops and paths,  elaborated and proposed, are always conceived in relation to the experimental character of Bruno Munari’s work and emphasize the educational value of the context in which it operates.

MILE School has been introducing for several years the Bruno Munari workshop in its teaching program for children.

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