Medical and Dental Center Solari 6

Exclusive benefits and opportunities for  MILE School families.

Starting from the school year 2016-2017 the partnership between MILE School and the Studio medico Solari 6, the excellent medical and dental clinic, which puts patients’care at the center, will begin.

Solar 6 wants to be close to families at all stages of life, which is why it has chosen to be partner of MILE School. The milestone is the quality of the service of the human relationship.

In Solari 6 health services are delivered both in the private sphere quickly and at a fair price, both in accreditation with Health Regional System.

Innovation, advanced technology and quality of equipment characterize the center in Via Solari 6

Solari6 reserves to MILE School families a discount of 15% on the private price list of the poly-specialist, 10% on the private price list reported to rehabilitation and physical therapies and 10% in the private price list of the diagnostic imaging. Solari6 reserves finally a 10% discount on the price list of the private dentist and a special rate on plaque removal sessions.

The offer is open to MILE School students and their  families. To gain access to these offers  it is  necessary to inform Solari 6 that you attend MILE School when you book the visit.

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