School Service AscoltaMI ready to go live

Well-being promotion both individual and the group-class

Starting from Wednesday February 22, the school service “AscoltaMI “will be activated at MILE Primary and Middle School. This initiative, launched in collaboration with the LabTalento University of Pavia, has been realized to to provide a point of listening, information and advice aimed at improving our school life’s quality.

The Sportello, held on a biweekly basis, will be up for the families, students and teachers and will be held by Dr. Cristina Morrone, a psychologist specialized in developmental psychology and education.

The access to the Service will  be made individually, in small groups or larger groups (teachers, meetings with parents and/or students) through the booking of meetings by sending an email to Prof. Elena Radaelli, Coordinator Project.

The service is offered free of charge by the school and aims to effectively promote the attainment of the educational objectives and guidance, carry out information activities and provide support and advice for individual problems, relational and / or school, in order to promote well-being, both individual and the group-class.