Both the grade 2 and the grade 5 classes of Mile School, have stood above the national and regional average!

INVALSI (National Institute for the Evaluation of the Education and Training System) is the nationally-accredited body which carries out periodic and systematic audits of the students’ knowledge and skills and the overall quality of the educational provision of the school institutions. In addition, it carries out research activities both on its own initiative and on the mandate of public and private bodies, and assures Italian participation in European and international research projects in the field of evaluation, representing the country in the relevant bodies.

The tests are given annually, as far as primary school is concerned, and which concerns the area of the Italian language and mathematics, concern only the classes of the second and fifth years.

During the .s. 2016/17, both the second grades and the fifth grade of MILE School, have stood above the national and regional average.

The result is extremely useful and meaningful, as it further confirms not so much and not only the acquisition of certain content, but above all, and what most comforts me is the learning of a modus operandi, since the second year of the first cycle, which is good enough to get excellent results compared to questions in most cases placed to test logical and problem-solving skills. On the other hand, the further confirmation came from the excellent results our students have received during the state exam (3rd grade).