"Don't buy video games, learn to program them." Barak Obama

It is called “SHARING THE FUTURE” the project with contents related to innovation and technology applied to teaching that the bilingual institute MILE School in Milan will share with the public school ‘Umberto Eco’ of Piazza Sicilia in the city.

SHARING THE FUTURE is the first experience of sharing the digital project of MILE School, which allows children to develop analytical and mathematical skills from kindergarten onwards, using algorithmic thinking at various levels of abstraction to solve real problems”, explains Adriana Sorbellini, Founder of MILE School.

The ‘Umberto Eco’ public Institute of Piazza Sicilia in Milan is the first public school to share this project, which marks an important step in the innovation of Italian school education. The students of seven classes of the third grade, for a total of 175 students, will be able from next January to explore, together with experienced teachers from MILE School, the technologies of Coding, Design and 3D modeling using in the classrooms of the Institute ‘Umberto Eco’ the methodology derived from Creative Learning.

Coding and tinkering techniques are the didactic tools that will be adopted to encourage students to use an algorithmic thought that, used at different levels of abstraction, will allow them to solve problems of various kinds and to equip themselves with skills useful for the future.

SHARING THE FUTURE will be proposed by the private bilingual Institute MILE School through a portable laboratory system that will be shared during each meeting along the four months of planned activities.
“We are glad to be able to offer the public school a project of such innovative value,” says Adriana Sorbellini. “We are also enthusiastic about the feedback received from colleagues in public and private institutions who believe, like us, in the importance of fully exploiting the technological potential available to innovate teaching and learning methods in schools”.

The students of both MILE School and ‘Umberto Eco’ Institute in Piazza Sicilia will have the opportunity to attend the lessons that will be both in Italian and English; they then will end this first experience with a Learning Celebration in which the most creative projects will be awarded.

The absolute value of this experience will be the SHARING OF THE CREATIVE IDEAS of each child, which we can not even imagine today as this is FUTURE!

SHARING and FUTURE: a value for all students.