STIMA project for Grade 3 students

Multidisciplinarity and Innovation for Cognitive and Emotional Development

This year, MILE School has started a pilot project aimed at Grade 3 classes, at the base of which is the STIMA model, which is an educational activity aimed at supporting the development of both the cognitive and emotional growth skills of students. This project also involves some cross-cutting themes, whose aim is to also favor the development and well-being of the student in the extracurricular field.

Teachers have introduced active teaching to Grade 3 classes, by introducing videos, research initiatives, and experiments combined with the use of the iPad. The project chosen by teachers brings together all academic subjects: Italian, maths, history, the sciences, geography, ICT, music, and drama for both Italian and English classes.

E-books will be created, in which children will tell stories, fairy tales, fables, and themed narratives based on the chosen subject. And students will actively participate in this project by creating stories, where academic subjects will interact with each other in an innovative and engaging way; maths will be the protagonist, music will become a funny or cruel character, technology will be philosophy’s friend, and the history of the cavemen will appear all the more crucial…

The students have started to experiment with fairy tales and are learning to create a book using the iPad … and the adventure continues!