The Cyberbullying project and e-Safety ends with parents’appointment

MILE School have successfully completed the project started with Telefono Azzurro related to Cyberbullying and eSafety.

The third and fourth classes have discovered and learned the importance of a correct use of the Internet and how important it is to share with the family and school the experiences that pupils perform during their “surfing” making sure to ask for help in case of questionable content or of an inappropriate use of technology.

 The project “Peer Communication” activated with Grade 8 on Cyberbullying and eSafety was welcomed by our Middle and Grade 5 students with great enthusiasm and participation. The students of Grade 5, 6 and 7 were urged through presentations and videos prepared by Grade 8, supported by Telefono Azzurro professionists and their teachers on cyberbullying and eSafety, to think about relevant issues that affect them directly being assiduous consumers of technology both in the classroom and outside of school.

The debates which originated from these meetings in “peer education” (in other words between “equal”) led to an understanding of how the dynamics of digital bullying can lead to serious consequences and how the direct role of each student is essential to preventing from happening to them, to their friends and classmates.

 As anticipated few months ago before the activation of the project, we have planned a meeting for families with Telefono Azzurro on these topics in order to welcome and share your concerns and your questions directly with professionists who daily welcome phone calls and requests for help from families or young people who are trapped in the often terrible dynamics that technology brings if it is used in the wrong way.

On April the 6th  Telefono Azzurro will meet MILE School parents to learn, share and understand together with specialists how to defend our children from the cyberbullying phenomena and enticement on the net.