MILE School Grade 6 publishes "The circus of stories"

iBook MILE project for ABIO in collaboration with Apple

“The circus of stories” is a collection of myths, fairy tales and fables created and written by Grade 6 of MILE Bilingual School of Milan in the creative writing project activated and developed by Prof. Elena Radaelli, the Italian language teacher of the class. The book has seen an initial phase of in-depth study by the young students of the writing techniques of three different literary genres through a meticulous and passionate reading of selected passages from the Iliad, Odyssey, Aeneid, the myths of various continents and classical myths, of Aesop’s fables and Grimm’s tales. This book is designed for young readers and especially for those who have to study in hospital for long periods of time because of complex diseases.

Thanks to ABIO this production will be made accessible to pediatric patients located throughout Italy.

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