The Pumpkin Discovery

During the last few days of October, the children from the Nursery, amoung the various types of natural elements, discovered the Pumpkin.

As Always, the natural elements are discovered by fairytales in a magical environment.

Our friend,  the little dwarf named Orazio, came back to visit us from the woods. He told us , quite worried, that a very strong autumn wind made his house fly away under the big oak tree.

In the meantime,the seeds that he planted in the springtime and in which he had taken good care of, gave life to a beautiful pumpkin. The children offered themselves to help the dwarf Orazio to build a new house for him. With also some help from the Teachers, the house was ready.

It is so lovely to see our friend Orazio in a warm place near his candle.

In the next few days we had fun touching and playing with the seeds and the pulp that came out from the pumpkin. It was such a nice sensation to squash the pulp in between our hands. And finally, with some glue and paper, every child created their own personal pumpkin.