To be a Botanical

A great science experience

“Plants” is the topic that is dealt this year in the Science program of Grade 6 in MILE School Middle .

The idea is to integrate the notions of physiology and structure of the plants (already discussed in the classroom) with a botanic expert’s meeting.

During the meeting the kingdom of plants has been explored: and through a team work, the boys:

– ranked  the leaves

– have carried out an experiment to see chlorophyll and other pigments present in plants

– have observed some dried seeds to discover some reproductive strategies and some special adaptations of plants

– made a paper flower blooming


The meeting has been held by an ADM operator – Museum Education Association , the Natural History Museum of Milan, expert in botany.

The students have been very participative and, even if the topic is not among the simplest, there have not been moments of confusion or distraction. A very great lesson for them all.