15 September 2020

Back to school!

Il primo giorno visto dalla scuola media 7 settembre 2020: il primo giorno di scuola in MILE visto dagli studenti della scuola media.
1 July 2020

Graduated 2020

MILE students towards the future. An exciting ritual passage is consumed when students leave a school to travel other roads and are still full of memories of the time spent with their companions. In an emotional experience of an educator there is always the unconscious desire to stop time, that coexists […]
29 June 2020

Music in Middle school

Making music with smartphones. The Music Technology laboratory aims to explore the intersection of music and technology. During the year, students met in the music laboratory to create music with the help of computers, the programs proposed by the teacher, synthesizers and microphones. With the lockdown, however, they found […]
25 June 2020

Cooking lab

Cooking lab with the pupils of Grade 1 and 2. Many questions animated the cooking lesson: "What is flour? What are the different types of cereal? What is lemon for? Does it contain only vitamin C or much more?.... " Harmony, tranquility and sweetness cheered the online cooking lesson. […]
17 June 2020

A colorful world

Nursery rhyme of colours, of chromatic treasures. It's a rain of joy, it's a beautiful magic In MILE Kids Nursery, children and teachers have dived into a world of colors! With the help of texts and nice nursery rhymes, they first discovered the different colors, then looked for them with fun treasure hunts, in […]
8 June 2020

The colors of music

'Art and Music' Laboratory Kandinsky says that color is an extraordinary, overwhelming element; there is a visual and an auditory color. The colors of music, and those of painting, in turn, influence each other: it is not uncommon for a beautiful picture to inspire a composer to create music and for music to inspire […]
8 June 2020

The Milan Cathedral

Between art and history. A journey to discover the "Duomo", one of the most famous monuments in Milan (and beyond), to discover all the features that make it absolutely unique. A story with a thousand faces that the Prof. of History, Pietro C. and the Prof. of Art History, […]
5 June 2020

Phonological awareness

Phonological Project, activities on the initial sounds of words in MILE Kids Reception. The Italian area project on phonological awareness, in MILE Kids Reception, continues with an activity based on the initial sounds. After reading Nicoletta Costa's "Alphabet of Olga the cloud", the teacher asked the children to draw some objects that started with the same sound, and the result was very good; bravo to all children!
3 June 2020

Friend Pandino

Among the games and activities proposed for the Nursery children in these weeks, there was also the discovery of a new little friend, Pandino. Through the two books "What does Pandino do?" and "Panda and Pandino what do they do?", having fun with mom and dad, they experimented with a different way of doing psycho-motor activities. These books, created by the Japanese writer Satoshi Iriyama, are a hymn to the bodily expressiveness of children, to their […]