Friend Pandino

A different way of doing psycho-motor activity

Among the games and activities proposed for the Nursery children in these weeks, there was also the discovery of a new little friend, Pandino. Through the two books "What does Pandino do?" and "Panda and Pandino what do they do?", having fun with mom and dad, they experimented with a different way of doing psycho-motor activities.
These books, created by the Japanese writer Satoshi Iriyama, are a hymn to the bodily expressiveness of children, to their inexhaustible energy and desire to move, to play with the whole body, to jump, to do somersaults, to lift their arms and legs, to dance.
An exhortation to the imagination and awareness of oneself and one's body that always ends in the arms of mom or dad.
And once you have mastered the game, why not explore the possibilities that open up when the "moves" are made involving two people, also training cooperation and harmony?
At the end of all this, following the teacher's instructions, the children then created their friend Pandino.