MILE Science Fair

Mile Middle projects

MILE is Science Fair.

The students of MILE Middle took part in the presentation of the projects, which was an integral part of the school curriculum: posters, videos and presentations were presented to classmates and parents.

6th graders produced 3D science project, the 7th graders made video experiments, while the 8th graders acted as a jury to judge the projects made by their younger schoolmates.

The best projects were officially awarded prizes in front of a vast crowd of parents and other family members, and an aperitif was served after the award ceremony, which also made it a fun social event for all those involved.

he designs and completeness of the works shown clearly demonstrated that MILE School students had perfectly learnt the intricacies of the scientific method by putting it into practice.

To all the applause and the Bravo of teachers, families and the entire school community.