Music in Middle school

Making music with smartphones.

The Music Technology laboratory aims to explore the intersection of music and technology.
During the year, students met in the music laboratory to create music with the help of computers, the programs proposed by the teacher, synthesizers and microphones.
With the lockdown, however, they found a different way to continue producing music all together. The teacher Tommaso F. launched a challenge to students at home, to use a tool that everyone has available: the mobile phone and its microphone.
Each student chose a sound that represented the period s/he was living, there are those who recorded the voice of the prof during the online lesson in the morning while giving everyone a good morning on BlueJeans app, the sound of ambulances, cats purring and many others.
The collection of all these sounds recorded by the students gave birth to a new and original composition.
On June 29th, during the online event with families, this music born from the contribution of the whole Middle School was presented. A great success!
Listen to the audio tracks of Music Technology projects made by the students: