Week of Light


Week of Light in MILE Kids Nursery

Finally, December came with its magic! 

The period of the year in which we cling to each other, waiting for the long-desired holidays... December also sees the Winter Solstice, that moment when, after touching the lowest point of the horizon, the sun begins to rise again, giving us light day by day, light that will prepare nature for its reawakening. With the culmination of the sun's descent, the winter solstice marks the beginning of a season that already hides the seeds of spring. It is precisely in this period that, through the light connected symbols, we celebrate the desire for awakening.

As per Swedish tradition, the children in Nursery met little Lucia, the bearer of light. Through her and her gifts of biscuits, the little ones were magically introduced in winter; discovering light, which illuminates and warms us even in the darkest and coldest period of the year. Playing with light at the nursery at this time of year is not just about perceiving the seasonal cycles in which we are immersed, but it also represents a simple and effective playful activity, aimed at promoting visual sensory development and stimulating the child's curiosity and skills of exploration.