The study of Karate is suitable for everyone and is recommended by sports specialists and educators both for the physical/sports and for the mental/psychological development.

From a physical point of view it helps to:Improve balance and coordination,increase the perception of your own body,correct wrong postural attitudes,develop your muscles by gaining physical skills through bilateral exercises that use all your body muscles,the objective, through practice, is to achieve physical control by improving strength, speed, and elasticity.

From a mental point of view, there are many results that can be achieved; here follow some examples:improve concentration capacity,increase awareness of your own emotions,get connected and socialize with other people,learn and practice respect towards other people,increase your self-esteem and sense of self,compare with others by controlling your own shyness and aggressiveness,develop  a positive competitiveness by measuring oneself and the ability to test their own limits.

All this starts with fun activities and, progressing with your own training, will become a growing commitment related to age and level. The course includes pre-set gradual steps, which will allow practitioners to test themselves by sessions for upper levels (belts).